Kingfoam high profile Insoles Jaws 12/12.5

Kingfoam high profile Insoles Jaws 12/12.5

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Want to skate like JAWS? Of course you do. These insoles won't make you skate better, but they're designed with JAWS in mind, and will cushion the impact of all those gnarly drops so that you can stay on the board longer without destroying your body as much.

Since 2011, Footprint has been working on improving the health of skaters from the feet up. By utilizing innovative orthopedic technology, in conjunction with input from skaters like Brandon Biebel, JAWS and Terry Kennedy, Footprint insoles drastically reduce impact stress on your feet, knees and back. In other words, you skate longer and harder without wrecking your body.

Size 12 = Men's Shoe Size 12-12.5


  • Best for skaters with high arched feet
  • Designed for use with vulcanized sole shoes
  • Capable of absorbing up to 95% of impact